Limestone setts are individually cut pieces of stone. They are incredibly versatile when used in a garden design and provide wonderful options for an imaginative garden patio or pathway edging.

Patio setts can be used not just to edge a border, but to break up a continuous flow of paving. They are also useful if you need to create a winding pathway through your garden.

You can make your choice of setts from many colours, including a whole range of greys and shades of black and golden yellows and browns. The blacks are very popular, but can fade quite quickly to grey when exposed to sunlight, so we rarely recommend them.

The stone is very hard wearing and available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to use according to the use they will be put too.

We often use a specific type of sawn and tumbled limestone sett it has a delicate shell and mineral detail and the tumbled edges add character. These setts look amazing and are strong, durable and perfect for any area in your garden.

urban courtyard landscaping.

Some clients ask us what the difference is between setts and cobbles (Cobblestones). Cobbles allow you to form a deliberately rough surface whereas setts are usually laid as smooth and level as possible.

You can see how we used limestone setts in this urban courtyard landscaping.