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We are Landscape Artisan leading Landscape Gardeners working in and around Twickenham and Strawberry Hill. As specialists in garden transformations, we would like you to make us your first choice when searching for a local Landscape Gardening expert. When you’ve finished reading about us, please take a moment or two to read our reviews and testimonials.

We are Award Winning Landscape Gardeners and a business you can trust to design, your new garden and manage and undertake the construction wherever you live in and around Twickenham. Our aim is to always to complete landscaping projects that fulfils a gardens potential and provide our clients with the garden of their dreams.

Our Directors Joss and Rebecca Durham are based close by in Hampton. They are an expert team and together they have been creating beautiful gardens for clients in Twickenham for over 15-years. They focus on the individual needs of every one of their clients and when designing a garden take into consideration client aspirations as well as needs, for example, whether they have children or are elderly or disabled in some way. This leads to exciting garden renovations, all achieved strikingly from first meeting and initial designs to project completion.

Garden Construction Twickenham

We strive to design and to create beautiful designs for the garden projects we manage, and then getting our grounds men to complete them to the highest possible standard. The results of our work stands out and is appreciated by friends and neighbours.

So, whether you are looking for landscaping and transformation of a front or rear garden, you can trust us to meet your wishes completely. And please note we always try to re-use materials when we can rather than adding them to landfill to maintain the highest green credentials.

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Porcelain Tiles Twickenham

With the almost endless choice in design, colours and sizes in porcelain – and using the latest technology and printing techniques to create something unique – porcelain paving is a product almost too good to be true!

Porcelain paving can look like natural stone, polished concrete and even wood making it an admirable alternative to traditional stone paving.

For hard landscaping, porcelain paving is a great choice. We will be happy to provide advice on what will be most suitable for your garden design and show you a selection of porcelain samples that you can choose from.

To read more about porcelain tiles and see more examples of hard landscaping in gardens that we have constructed please take a look at our page Porcelain Outdoor Garden Tiles

Garden Decking Twickenham,

Garden decking provides an attractive transitional space between indoor and outdoor living spaces and often become popular and practical areas for entertaining, dining and relaxing. Decking with railed surrounds will also provide a safe play area for children.

Many of our clients choose to install decking when renovating a kitchen or dining area and installing sliding glass doors that access the decking and the garden.

To meet aesthetics, personal preferences and different budgets we design and construct decks out of softwood or hardwood and often finish the decking with lighting so that you can enjoy your garden decking into the on warm summer evenings.

You can see a gallery of recent decking projects by following the link: Wood

Pergola Construction Twickenham

Pergolas allow you to provide an area for outdoor furniture, tables, chairs, sofa’s and sun loungers, that can be protected from the elements in summer and winter, particularly if one wall of the structure is attached to your home, thus forming a windbreak and shelter from the rain.

Pergolas are always popular in the summer providing a comfortable place to relax, entertain, eat or drink. Pergolas also add structure and dimension to your garden at any time of year, adding new planting opportunities and a beautiful focal point.

You can see a gallery of recent pergola projects by following the link: Wood

Garden Driveways Twickenham,

Installation and upgrading of driveways are much in demand by our clients. Designed to look good and long lasting at the same time, we use the appropriate materials to produce a visually attractive outcome that will transform the visual appeal in front of your property, making the most of parking space with intelligent driveway design.

For driveway construction we use many types of hard landscaping materials, on their own or in combination, such as paving, both natural stone and block, natural stone setts and gravel in a variety if ways such as resin bonded, resin bound, stabilised in matting and loose.

You can view a gallery of recent driveway projects by following the link: Driveways

“Due to ill health and increasing disability, our back garden was not just becoming a wilderness but one that was actually dangerous to me as I could barely access any of it to exercise any control over it. Our pond was turning into a swamp as we couldn’t maintain the pump, the rock garden waterfall was a mountain of ground elder and ivy, and it was all I could do to keep our single gravel path to the back clear enough to walk down without tripping. It finally hit me one day that we would never in a million years be able to do anything about it as we no longer had the strength or energy for what was an ever growing problem. It was time for the professionals.

We were delighted to see that you do ‘soft’ gardening as well as ‘hard’ as we needed ideas of what to do as well as someone to do the work.

I’ll confess that when I saw Joss Durham’s first suggested design for the garden, I was horrified as it seemed too radical a change. I was attached to many of the plants that I had grown over the years and didn’t want to lose them. Joss drew up another design based on what I thought I wanted and I spent a weekend mulling it over. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that Joss’s original design was the one to go for. My own ideas would actually involve keeping many oversized plants that I already couldn’t keep under control and I would be left with a garden that I still couldn’t manage. My partner loved Joss’s original design right from the start and I could certainly see all the practical pluses – raised beds and wide paths would mean I could enjoy gardening for years to come.

Now that the job is done I can see that the design isn’t just practical; it’s actually beautiful. It was a stroke of genius that has opened up a narrow garden and made it spacious and welcoming. The design with its diagonal paving and beds makes the garden seem much larger than it is. It has also blended in with the original patio (which has an uneven edge and is 10 years older) as if the whole garden was made over at the same time; the new and old complement each other. When I look at the garden now, I feel joy and pleasure. Everyone who has seen the transformation has remarked on its striking new design and I wouldn’t be surprised to see ‘copycats’ trying to recreate some of Joss’s magic in their own gardens.

The design isn’t just beautiful; it’s practical as well. Everything is accessible and the raised beds make gardening tasks so much easier. I can safely walk all over the garden now, something I’ve haven’t been able to do for the past couple of years. It’s a worthwhile investment as I have always loved gardening and was unhappy not being able to do the things I used to do without thinking in the past.

The team have done a great job and I want to thank all of them, but the prize must go to Joss for his vision that has made a paradise out of a nightmare.”

Mrs Banigan