Contemporary Urban Courtyard Landscaping

Contemporary Urban Courtyard Landscaping

From the outset the brief was very specific for this client and working closely with them we produced a strong design with a very minimal material pallet.

They had seen some work of ours locally and the skill and precision of it was what they wanted for a contemporary yet natural feel in their secluded urban courtyard garden in SW London.

A specific type of sawn and tumbled limestone sett sourced from Foras Stone in Norfolk was used to pave and frame the area. This limestone has a delicate shell and mineral detail and the tumbled edges add character. These setts look amazing and are strong, durable and perfect for any area in your garden.

Drainage for the garden was a key functional element of the project so we turned this into a feature of the garden using beautiful cast iron drainage grates from Lateral Design Studio.

These state-of-the-art gratings replace traditional ladder style covers that until now, were the only designs available for drainage channels and add exceptional decorative detail to any patio or garden.

Dressed with some stunning furniture and framed with bold planting the project was a huge success for the client and a very satisfying one for the whole team – a perfect urban courtyard!