Garden Driveway Refurbishment

Garden Driveway Refurbishment

If your garden driveway is looking a little tired and messy, it’s time to consider having it renewed. A garden driveway refurbishment will smarten up the space and if needed can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home.

A beautiful driveway will deliver a beautiful impact while enhancing your property’s exterior. What’s more, a garden driveway refurbishment will last for years if it’s done well. Durable and robust, the new surface will continue to look good for a long time to come.

As experienced landscape gardeners we have many clients that come to use to tackle their garden driveway refurbishment or installation. Whether it is a gravel driveway, permeable driveway, block paving driveway or another alternative, landscaping your driveway and making it look good and exceeding your expectations is what we are great at.

In this recent driveway refurbishment for a client in Esher the driveway was laid to Dove Grey Limestone chippings in gravel stabilising matting with a Kota Blue Limestone path from London Stone edged with Grey Sandstone Setts. Kota Blue Limestone provides great value for money and its even texture and blue/grey colour suit both contemporary and traditional designs. It has a naturally flat surface and looks like a much more expensive paving.

The Venetian Fence Panels as well as the driveway gates were bespoke from Jacksons fencing. To finish the project off the porch was re-tiled with Slab Coke porcelain, also from London Stone, to match the driveway.

We take our time to understand the outcome that you wish to achieve with your driveway refurbishment and will provide detailed designs for you to approve along with expert advice to make your dreams a reality.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver an outcome that exceeds your expectations and completed within your budget and timescale. To find out more contact us now.

Gravel Driveway Landscaping

Gravel Driveway Landscaping

The sound of the crunch of gravel as your car arrives in a beautiful driveway, conjures up images of hot summers and beautiful people in fancy sports cars.

Gravel driveways have for many years been a popular choice for the hard landscaping leading to the front of a home. Gravel is relatively cheap, easy to lay, and low maintenance. What’s more it looks good both in country homes and in urban areas where it can match the local brick or stone colour.

It also helps that there’s an immense choice of size, colour and texture to achieve this. Plus local availability with stone traditionally used from beaches in coastal areas and quarried gravel inland.

Another bonus of a gravel driveway is that the crunch of gravel under a car’s wheels, or even someone on foot, can warn you that someone may be about to visit you, welcome or not.

But a newly laid gravel driveway can quickly become scruffy if it’s not laid correctly. In the short term spreading stones and the spinning of a car tyre will cause ruts in the driveway. Over time weeds can emerge through and the gravel become compressed, necessitating a top up with fresh stones.

Choice of Gravels for Landscaping

There is a huge choice of gravel available to choose from at a range of prices to suit your pocket or the design of your home and landscaping. Pea shingle or pea gravel is probably the most economical choice and is readily available from most builder’s merchants.

More expensive gravel will usually be more rounded, less sharp and have a more uniform size, colour and texture. At the top end the gravel will be of a single type of stone, smoother and more regular in size.

Laying a Gravel Driveway

As mentioned earlier, one of the problems with installing gravel driveways is the potential for the gravel to compress and for weeds to appear through it.

Keeping it in place is an important part of installing a driveway and making it easy to maintain in the years ahead. Gravel driveway grids with a honeycomb structure will stabilise the gravel, prevent movement and damage and provide a uniform driveway which will retain its shape and appearance for many years.

It is also important to put down a quality under surface permeable membrane to impede weed growth and allow for adequate drainage so that you avoid puddles after rain.

For further advice on designing a gravel driveway for your home as part of a landscaping project, please contact us.

Venetian Fence Panels

Venetian Fence Panels

Venetian fence panels are a sophisticated alternative to traditional wooden fencing. They are also known as horizontal planed slatted panels.

They are terrific for creating attractive light effects as the sun moves across your garden throughout the day. (more…)

Cast Iron Channel Drain Gratings

Cast Iron Channel Drain Gratings

Many patios and gardens need drainage channels and until recently the only choice available were stainless steel ladder style covers. While these are effective, they are certainly not attractive, so we were delighted to find a beautiful alternative. (more…)

Garden Landscaping Project Hampton

Garden Landscaping Project Hampton

We recently completed a Garden Landscaping project in Hampton and are pleased to share photographs taken Before, During and After the project was completed. As you can see, the garden was transformed and the client was delighted with our work.


One size does NOT fit all!!

One size does NOT fit all!!

Every garden and every client brief is different!

We pride ourselves on embarking on each project with fresh eyes and fresh ideas. 

Listening to the requirements and desires of our clients and doing our best to marry these with the physical environment (their garden!) and their budget to produce a landscaping proposal that ticks all of the boxes.

A small selection of some of our more recent designs shows the variety in size and shape of garden and importantly the variety of design solutions that we develop.

rear garden landscaping plans isleworth.rear garden landscaping plan with patio Hampton.rear garden landscaping plan Weybridge.rear garden landscaping plan Hampton.