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Application of On-site/Off-site Patinations
Classic and contemporary patinations may be applied to Brass, Gilding Metal, PB102 and Cast Bronze. To deliver your project/scheme successfully there may be a requirement to combine on site and off site patinations i.e. from lift openings, skirting, and architraves to reception desks and entrances.
Conservation of Sculpture and Architectural Metalwork
With experience of over 35 years Laurence has worked on sculpture from Rodin to Henry Moore and was directly involved in the conservation of the Royal Artillery Memorial and numerous projects throughout the UK including delivering successfully the Russell Institute Paisley architectural metalwork railings, handrails, windows and sculpture.
Production of Samples
Many of our contemporary patinations are borne out of innovation. If inspired through an image or a vision we are open to the challenge technically.
Application of Modern Lacquers
We have formulated our lacquers to complement our patinations for an enduring look. They are low in polyurethane allowing light to pass through them giving an incredible natural feel.
Whether it is for practical solutions or for a better understanding of our patinations, you may draw down on our experience. If your concerns are budgetary or maintenance driven we are able to factor in these narratives during the specification process.
Surveys and Conditions Reports
A published survey to the client and contractor is supportive in opening channels for discussion and consultation for local authorities or stewardship in seeking Listed Building Consent, conforming to legislation and practical solutions in conservation and restoration.
Further to urban myth may it be bronze, stainless steel, granite or marble all items require some form of maintenance through cleaning or waxing. We provide assistance at every stage and maintenance through the form of a programme may be tailored to your requirements.
Research and Development
With an extensive library and through personal knowledge and experience we have developed new ways of achieving traditional finishes involving modern systems with a modern approach. We are still artisans working from a modern facility.
DOFF and JOS Cleaning

Both systems are manufactured by Stonehealth Ltd. DOFF is a superheated water cleaning system which can be used for the cleaning of bronze without compromise to the substrate or original patina. JOS is a gentle yet effective swirling vortex cleaning system. Choosing calcite as our medium in the right hands we are able to pinpoint and remove corrosion from the alloy without unacceptable metal loss from the substrate. Together, our skilled workers have thousands of hours of experience. Contact us for help.

Overhauling of Windows and Openings, Freeing and Adjusting Ironmongery, Winding Gear etc.
This service has been successfully delivered to most notably the Land Registry Office Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Cripps Building St John’s College Cambridge and the Russell Institute Paisley all within Listed Building Consent.
Replication of Missing and Stolen Rolls of Honour & Plaques
Unfortunately metal theft is a scourge of modern society. We are able to replicate stolen items producing exact replicas. Patterns are produced and bronze cast in the traditional method. The patination may be sympathetic with other elements within the monument with the use of modern techniques and invisible fixings; we also offer the service of reinstallation.
Russell Institute, Paisley