Contemporary Garden Designs

Contemporary Garden Designs

This wonderfully generous sized garden needed to be better utilised! We achieved this by giving it a contemporary garden design.

The back of the garden provided the perfect location for a sun terrace. We paved this with Antique Yellow Limestone from London Stone. Its mottled warmth enhanced by a brushed surface and a heavily tumbled finish, gives it real character. It contains blemishes, veining and small holes, all of which are natural characteristics of stone and enhances its appearance.

This sun terrace is handsomely framed with horizontal planed slatted panels, also known as Venetian fence panels. One advantage of these contemporary panels is that they are constructed in a framed system. This allows each panel to be perfectly aligned to the one next to it, creating a clean and tidy visual effect. The panels are terrific for generating attractive light effects as the sun moves across your garden throughout the day. Venetian fence panels help create atmosphere in your outdoor space, allowing air to filter through, but still protecting your privacy.

Together, the paved yellow limestone and the slatted panels transformed this corner from an unusable area to the clients favourite spot in which to relax and entertain. To complete the transformation of this garden, we reinforced the angled design with matching bespoke limestone edging to the beds. Finally, we divided sections of the lawn creating a simple but effective way to section the garden.

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