Raised Garden Beds Landscaping Ideas

Raised Garden Beds Landscaping Ideas

Raised garden beds can be fit into just about any space, but in small spaces they come into their own providing a garden that looks well thought out. Much better than the cluttered, untended, layout that most small gardens suffer from.

In this narrow garden, space was at a premium. The design concept was to make it look visually attractive to view from the home, but more importantly, to create a space that would be welcoming and pleasant to spend time in.

To achieve this, we set about using angles to create the illusion of space and width and then added extra interest using raised bed at different heights. Raised garden beds also make the garden seem more sizeable by breaking up the view. Further height and interest was added with the planting of an ancient Olive Tree discovered at The Palm Centre.

The impression of width to the garden was enhanced by using Venetian wood panels rather than the ubiquitous slatted vertical panels that are the usual garden fare. While painting the boundary panels black made them visually disappear while creating a backdrop that would enhance the beauty of the planting.

The paving sourced from London Stone is Raj Green Indian Sandstone with subtle colouring, similar to Yorkstone. With its hand-cut edges and an even, riven surface it suits a variety of traditional settings like this one.

Over time the beams used for the raised beds will weather and lighten adding a more natural and rustic view of the garden.

With a little creativity, you can create an entire garden sitting area using raised garden beds.

There are other advantages too. They make gardening a bit easier on our backs, especially important for many older people; make it easier to combat garden pests and they sit well above the underground frost line, so the soil warms up faster in the spring, and you can enjoy the sight of green shoots and flowering sooner.

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